Compression rubber o-ring

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Compression rubber o-ring
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Compression rubber o-ring, 20 mm
ZAR 4.72 ZAR 4.10
Compression rubber o-ring, 25 mm
ZAR 6.79 ZAR 5.90
Compression rubber o-ring, 32 mm
ZAR 4.60 ZAR 4.00
Compression rubber o-ring, 40 mm
ZAR 12.65 ZAR 11.00
Compression rubber o-ring, 50 mm
ZAR 14.95 ZAR 13.00
Compression rubber o-ring, 63 mm
ZAR 50.60 ZAR 44.00
Compression rubber o-ring, 75 mm
ZAR 42.55 ZAR 37.00
Compression rubber o-ring, 90 mm
ZAR 26.91 ZAR 23.40

Crafted from high-grade rubber, the Compression O-Ring stands as a pivotal component in irrigation systems, ensuring a watertight seal at connection points. This robust o-ring is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily water pressure fluctuations and temperature variations, making it an indispensable ally in preventing leaks and maintaining system integrity.

Versatile in application, the Compression O-Ring is utilized across a spectrum of irrigation fittings, including pipes, valves, and pumps. Its installation is straightforward: the o-ring is simply placed into the designated groove on a fitting before assembly, where it compresses to form a secure seal upon tightening.

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More Information
Material type Rubber
Fitting type Spare ring
Connection type 1 Insert
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