Full flow tee, 25 x 15 x 25 mm

Used to branch off a main line to a line of smaller diameter pipe.
R 26.30 R 22.87
Full Flow® compression fittings are the industry standard for easy, trouble free and leak-proof connections. They are simple and efficient to use. Just push the pipe into the fitting until it hits the pipe stop inside. Providing the pipe is made to spec, the Full Flow® fitting, once fitted properly will remain in place without leaking or blowing off. Full Flow® Fittings' advantages over the standard barb type fitting are the earlier stated ease of use, the saving of not needing a clamp and the absence of pressure loss due to the unrestricted water flow through the fittings. Full Flow® compression fittings are manufactured from engineering grade ABS material for toughness and strength and are made to fit SABS spec class 3 polypipe (LDPE). "Informasie direk vanaf Microjet gecopy"
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Weight 12.8000
Material type ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
Fitting shape Tee
First end type Full flow
First end size 25 mm
Second end type Full flow
Second end size 25 mm
Third end type Full flow
Third end size 15 mm
Item id 5036
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