Galvanised back nut

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Galvanised back nut
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Galvanised back nut, 15 mm
ZAR 6.90 ZAR 6.00
Galvanised back nut, 20 mm
ZAR 9.60 ZAR 8.35
Galvanised back nut, 25 mm
ZAR 9.36 ZAR 8.14
Galvanised back nut, 32 mm
ZAR 11.76 ZAR 10.23
Galvanised back nut, 40 mm
ZAR 14.21 ZAR 12.36
Galvanised back nut, 50 mm
ZAR 23.76 ZAR 20.66
Galvanised back nut, 65 mm
ZAR 37.95 ZAR 33.00
Galvanised back nut, 80 mm
ZAR 62.01 ZAR 53.92

The Galvanised Back Nut is a robust and versatile component essential for secure piping connections in irrigation systems. Crafted from high-quality galvanised steel, this back nut ensures a watertight seal and resists corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor and underground applications. Its precise threading allows for easy installation onto pipe fittings, providing a sturdy and reliable connection that withstands high water pressure. Suitable for both commercial and residential irrigation setups, the Galvanised Back Nut is a key element in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of water distribution networks.

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More Information
Material type Galvanised malleable iron
Fitting type Nut
Connection type 1 Female BSP thread
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