Irritrol 430R pop-up sprinkler, 1/2"

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The Irritrol 430R is rapidly gaining favor among contractors, and for good reason. Designed as a 1/2-inch rotor, it strikes a balance between standard spray heads and larger rotors. Here’s what you need to know:

Versatile Performance: When your landscape demands more than ordinary spray heads but doesn’t warrant large-scale rotors, the 430R steps up. It’s the go-to solution for mid-sized areas.

Installation Efficiency: The 430R streamlines installation. With a familiar arc setting and the ability to quickly verify left and right stops, it saves valuable time during setup.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Adjustment Screw: Ensures precise adjustments and durability.
  • Ratcheting Riser: Simplifies height adjustments for consistent coverage.
  • Pressure-Activated Wiper Seal: Keeps debris out, enhancing reliability.
  • Top Adjustment, Wet or Dry: No fuss, no hassle—adjust anytime.
  • Reversing Full- & Part-Circle Operation: Adapt to changing watering needs.
  • Positive Left and Right Stops (Fixed Right Stop): Reliable positioning.

Ideal Applications:

  • Residential Lawns: Perfect for medium-sized lawns and garden beds.
  • Commercial Landscapes: Well-suited for parks, office complexes, and green spaces.
  • Sports Fields: Provides efficient coverage for athletic fields.

More Information

More Information
Connection size 1 [mm] 1/2" (15 mm nominal bore)
Connection type 1 Female BSP thread
Pop-up height 4"
Flow rate [l/min] 2.80 - 12.50
Operating pressure [bar] 2.0 - 3.50
Radius [m] 5.10 - 9.00
Nozzle trajectory 25°
Manufacturer Irritrol
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