Irritrol 550R-SC pop-up sprinkler, 3/4"

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The Irritrol 550R-SC pop-up sprinkler, 3/4" offers ease of use and operating reliability in one single device. Thanks to the innovative Slip Clutch system, you can now manually adjust the arc without needing to use any tools.

Key Features:

  • Proven Gear-Driven Design: The 550R-SC boasts a reliable ¾” gear-driven mechanism, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.
  • Generous Watering Radius: With an impressive 50 feet of coverage, this sprinkler efficiently reaches every corner of your landscape.
  • 5-Inch Pop-Up Height: The full 5-inch pop-up ensures optimal water distribution, even in taller grass or shrubs.
  • Easy Installation: Familiar top arc adjustment simplifies setup, while the all-in-one full- and part-circle operation (from 40 to 360 degrees) accommodates various watering needs.
  • Nozzle Versatility: The 550R-SC comes equipped with 8 standard and 4 low-angle nozzles, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Durable Rubber Cover: The standard rubber cover shields the sprinkler from debris, ensuring safe play areas and minimizing maintenance.
  • Non-Flushing Wiper Seal: Reduces leaks caused by debris trapped under the seal.
  • Optional Check Valve: Holds up to 7 feet of elevation change, preventing water waste.
  • Positive Left and Right Stops: Quick-check the arc, streamlining setup.
  • Reversing Full- and Part-Circle Operation: Adjust the rotor from 40˚ to 360˚ as needed.

More Information

More Information
Connection size 1 [mm] 3/4" (20 mm nominal bore)
Connection type 1 Female BSP thread
Pop-up height 5"
Flow rate [l/min] 2.80 - 36.70
Operating pressure [bar] 1.70 - 4.50
Radius [m] 7.60 - 15.20
Nozzle trajectory 25°
Manufacturer Irritrol
Item id 14799
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