Superex heavy duty zinc plated hose clamp, 86 - 91 mm

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The Superex Heavy Duty Hose Clamp stands as a paragon of strength and precision, meticulously engineered to secure hoses, pipes, and tubing in demanding environments. Whether you’re managing agricultural irrigation networks, industrial fluid conduits, or mining operations, this clamp is your steadfast companion.

Key Features:

  • High Band Tension: The Superex clamp exudes unwavering tenacity. Its high band tension ensures a firm grip, preventing leaks and maintaining fluid integrity.

  • Smooth Underside and Rolled-Up Band Edges: Gentle on hoses, this clamp minimizes abrasion and wear. Say goodbye to unexpected leaks caused by rough edges.

  • Triple Welding Points: Our engineers have meticulously crafted this clamp with three welding points. This strategic reinforcement enhances durability, providing peace of mind even in the harshest conditions.


  • Agricultural Irrigation: In the sun-drenched fields, where crops thirst for nourishment, the Superex Heavy Duty Clamp secures irrigation hoses with unwavering resolve. From pivot systems to drip lines, it ensures uninterrupted water flow.

  • Industrial and Mining Operations: Amidst the clang of machinery and the rush of fluids, this clamp stands guard. It tames unruly hoses, safeguarding critical processes and preventing costly downtime.

Installation Made Easy:

  • Select the Right Size: Choose the appropriate clamp size based on your hose or pipe diameter. Superex offers a range of sizes to accommodate various applications.

  • Position the Clamp: Slide the clamp over the hose or pipe, ensuring it covers the joint or connection point.

  • Tighten Securely: Use a suitable tool (such as a socket wrench) to tighten the bolt. The triple welding points provide added strength, so you can torque it confidently.

  • Inspect Regularly: Periodically check for wear, especially in high-stress areas. Replace worn clamps promptly to maintain system integrity.


More Information

More Information
Material type Mild steel with Zinc plating
Fitting type Clamp
Connection size 1 [mm] 86-91 mm
Manufacturer Superex
Item id 139228
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